A Collaborative Approach to Your Financial Planning

At Halsey Financial Group, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure they receive the information and guidance necessary to make their financial dreams a reality.

We believe in the value of a client-focused, consultative approach to financial advice. This means we take great care to listen first before making any recommendations. When someone chooses to work with us, they are trusting us with more than their money – they are trusting us with their financial future. This is something we never forget.

A Solid Financial Strategy

We place a strong emphasis on using conservative, income-oriented financial vehicles to provide asset growth and retirement income. Our staff (made up of Rod, Lilis and Laurie) is committed to being there for you and your family, and because we are independent and privately owned, this is a commitment we can keep.

Plan for Long-Term Financial Success

In today's world of instant communication and reams of information, the value of a trusted financial advisor can be overlooked. Your long-term financial success will not be determined by simply getting a "hot" investment, rather it will be the cumulative effect of all the financial decisions made during your working and retirement years. The quality of these decisions can be significantly enhanced by working with a knowledgeable and trusted financial advisor. Our goal is to be that advisor for you and your family. Call us today.

Compensation: How We Are Paid

Halsey Financial Group is an independent firm, which means we are able to shop and find the most suitable products for our clients. GIC and insurance company products are placed directly with the institutions.

All of the investment funds we handle for our clients are provided through Assante Wealth Management, a large, national mutual fund dealer. This means that our clients have the security of knowing their investments are being held with a large dealership that is regulated. In addition, we provide personalized financial planning and insurance services through The Halsey Group, which is a smaller, privately owned firm.

No Load Investment Funds

When a client buys a bank, credit union or insurance company product from us, the institution pays us a fee or commission – there is no direct cost to the client. When we buy an investment fund on behalf of a client we get paid a portion of the management fee charged by the fund manager. All of the investment fund business we do is no load, meaning there is no cost to get in or out of the funds. We started this practice several years ago when we realized that these fees were a barrier to effectively managing our client’s monies. We believe firmly in a win/win relationship; the client must have access to excellent advice and competitively priced, high-quality investments and we need to be paid a fair price for our services.

*Halsey Financial Group is a business that may offer non-securities-related financial planning services and insurance products and services. Any specific investment recommendations provided by (advisor) must be done through Assante Wealth Management (“Assante”), a registered mutual fund dealer. Although Assante is not responsible for any service or product supplied through Halsey Financial Group, Assante will monitor for conflicts of interest, and investigate any client complaints related to services offered by Halsey Financial Group.

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